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Generation Z – AKA Digital Natives

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A creative look at Generation Z or sometimes known as ‘iGeneration’. This is the generation (born between 1992 and 2010) who never knew a time when the internet did not exist. AKA: Digital Natives.

Generation Z, AKA Digital Natives


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Lighting A Fire

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I ran across this quote and it was so appropriate for all we are endeavoring to work towards.

“Education is not so much the filling of a bucket,
but the lighting of a fire.”  -William Butler Yeats


At New Doors, we want to partner with you to help feed your student’s pasion for learning that will last for a lifetime.   

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Is Social Media Ruining Students?

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While the answer is not simple we can break it up into a few questions to better understand social media’s effects. The first question is “Does it affect student’s grades?”

Well, that actually depends on the social media source and how it is used. Studies actually show that classes that use twitter typically have up to half a grade point higher scores. It is also directly tied to students collaborating online with 75% saying that they would engage in online collaboration. But unsurprisingly those that try and study while using Facebook are actually hurting their grades.  In fact those that multitask between Facebook and studying have 20% lower grades. What is interesting is that 79% of students surveyed don’t believe this statistic.

The second questions we need to answer is “How will using social media effect your student life experience?”

A couple data points yield some insight. One, we know that Facebook users make far less money while in college. Fully 85% of Facebook users worked less than 5hrs a week as compared to the 80% of non-Facebook users that worked over 16hrs a week. Money isn’t everything, but surviving on ramen noodles isn’t the best way to live! However, many people associate the quality of college life to the ways that they were involved with their schools. Studies show that Facebook users are twice as likely to be involved in campus activities. All work and no Facebook, just might make you a dull student. Which brings us to our next topic: Self-Esteem.

The third question we must answer is “What effect does social media have on the emotional health of students?”

As it turns out social media really does make people feel connected with a 20% experiencing a feeling of social connectedness among Facebook users, furthermore they were twice as likely to feel “Popular”. But it is also true that 48% of students think they are sadder than their Facebook friends. This wouldn’t be troubling except that we know from other studies that 25% of college students show serious depression in their status updates. Even after addressing some of the key questions about social media the results are mixed. Hopefully after reading this as a student you will be able to see the pros and cons of spending your hours using social media.

(First published at, April 21, 2011)

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Is Social Media Ruining Students?

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How Students Use Technology [Infographic]

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Recently, key surveys were performed to gauge (college) students’ tech use scientifically – and the results are amazing.  Not because of how much students use tech – but because of how much students use tech to aid their educations.  

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Students Love Technology


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New Doors Location

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So, the most frequently asked question I have been getting is:   “Do you have a location yet?”

An accurate answer is not as simple as:   “yes,” or “no.”  I believe that the Lord has a place for New Doors to have classes this fall.  I am confident that we will be conducting classes (indoors) at a permanent location.  I am planning on it and I can envision the space.  There is a place and  it is just right for what we need.

The Lord has led all the steps of planning for New Doors.  He has brought together some really cool teachers that will nurture and challenge and mentor students.  The teachers are preparing to partner with the parents to help with the students’ education for the 2011 -2012 year.  I believe that  He is waiting to reveal where the location will be for His glory.

When it all aligns, it will be obvious to many that the Lord orchestrated it and that we could not have worked it out on our own.  

So, do we have a location yet?  We do.  Our God just has not let us know where the place is yet.  It is as if the Lord has a location behind a curtain and He has not chosen to pull back that curtain for us yet.

Our prayer is that our God will be glorified when He shows us the location.  Please pray with us also, that it will be all in His time and that we will wait for what He has in store for us.

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Got Books?

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It is the season to hunt for the books your family needs for fall classes.

If you have books to share or sell, or if you need specific books click here to  leave a comment (reply).

New Doors Science courses will utilize Apologia textbooks.  Please be sure that you are finding the 2nd edition in each course.

High School English and History will use Bob Jones texts.

Parents will also need an answer key book to check homework assignments.

We are working to finalize the curricula and will have book lists published ASAP.


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The State of U.S. Education at a Glance

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The State of Education

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Blog Coming Soon

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