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Why New Doors?

The Passion:  A desire to capture and prepare  hearts, heads and hands to be influencers for Christ.

The Need:  A learning community that keeps home education parents directed, but provides students with courses and instructors who will not only support but challenge students to go beyond what can be done at home.

 The Goal:  To bring families and teachers together who will support each other in preparing and inspiring young people to pursue God, to learn all they can, and to be Jesus’ hands to others.

The Result:  A mutually supportive Christ centered environment that is financially feasible for both families and educators resulting in students prepared for spiritual, academic and social next steps wherever God leads them.

“Opening Hearts and Minds Through Education”

If you know David Cain (the Science Guy &  founder of New Doors), you have most likely heard him talk of his passion to seek out “the fingerprints of God”.  According to him, science is one of the most fantastic ways for people to see God’s fingerprints and  understand the world around them.  God wants us to connect with him through nature in fact, God says he reveals both His character and His power in His creation.  (Romans 1:18-20) So much so, Paul says God is angry for men ignoring Him in the world around us.  Therefore a central passion of  our program is to make God’s fingerprints visible wherever we find them no matter what subject we’re studying and learn how to communicate that to others.  Ultimately, the goal is to know God and make Him known.

Proverbs 25:2  “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.”

As believers we are ambassadors of the Creator and His kingdom responsible for helping to reconcile others to him. Each one of us is uniquely gifted to fulfill our part of the Great Commission.  Mr. Cain’s deepest passion is to see young people so connected with God that they find His purpose for their life and they go fulfill it.  Therefore, our goal is to teach in such a way that God is in, with, and under our curricula & instruction.  Since all our learning is connected to understanding God,  learning is really a form of worship. Proverbs 1:7 says that the “Fear of God” (being filled with awe for who He is and my relationship to Him) is the beginning of knowledge.

Finally, we live in a broken world that needs help.  Our children, like any other disciples, need to learn to be not just gentle as doves but as cunning as serpents.  So, we do not hide from the world around us, but teach our students so their hearts will be fully His.  We do not want  them to be naïve, but world shakers and world changers led by the Holy Spirit.  We want to instill a love for learning that comes from a passion for Jesus.  Lifelong learners will be prepared for whatever door God brings to them.