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Policies & Procedures

New Doors Policies and Procedures Guidelines

New Doors Education Program’s purpose is to point all people to Jesus Christ our Savior.  We are following the Lord’s leading to assist parents in the God ordained education of their children.  We will coach and mentor students in their experiences to become life long learners and to see the world through the eyes of our Lord.  We believe that learning is a form of worshipping our God and the discovery of what God set in motion in the world.  As these ideas are of the Lord, we will always strive for excellence.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.”  All the law in the Bible hangs on these ideals.  So simple!  We are to be living sacrifices, not conformed to the ways of the world, but transformed into the likeness of Christ.
Love for God will bring about respect for God, for yourself, and for others.  We will be seeking to grow in graciousness through the year.  This is a training field for us, especially the students.  We will utilize the principals of respect to partner with parents in training students in Christ-likeness.  We do not seek to condemn but to find opportunities for growth.  Please let us join with you in training your child.

Time is a gift from God.  Life as not just about showing up; life is about being ready.  We will expect students to arrive for study sessions early (we recommend 15 minutes early) so they may be in their seats with books open at the beginning of each study session.  Each semester has 16 (once per week) or 32 (both Monday and Thursday meetings) sessions.  This limited time is valuable and we want you to get full value for the time and resources we provide.  Late arrivals are disrupting.

Ready for Study
Students:  Readiness in class includes having all the books and supplies that you need to learn at your study spot.  Each class will have different requirements and these will be listed ahead of time.  Most instructors will ask students to use a binder with dividers and to keep all materials in the binder.  A 3 hole punch will make this more do-able.  Pencils, pens, calculators, notebook or graph paper, and class books should be a part of accomplishing readiness.  Parents:  Please do your part to see that your student has all the necessary tools for every learning session.

Parents are responsible for the acquisition of all textbooks and materials.  Please be sure that your student has access to all the tools needed for study.  This includes arriving at a session with pens, pencils, paper, calculators, etc.   See the course syllabus for a complete list of necessary supplies.

Students who are at New Doors need to be prepared to attend a study session or a study hall.  We will not be equipped to supervise activities besides quiet study outside of instructor led study sessions.  We do understand that parents need to know their students are being cared for while they are at New Doors.  We also understand that students are developing their decision making skills, their moral compass, and their judgment.
We want to develop a trust relationship with parents and students at New Doors.  We also want to be sure that students have guidelines for safety as well as parental peace of mind.  We also have insurance responsibilities.  Students will need to sign in and out of the building.  Leaving the property between classes will not be permitted without parental consent.  Leaving the building after classes are finished for the day with someone other than a parent will need to be authorized in writing or phone call/text to New Doors staff by a parent prior to the student leaving.

Please plan for snacks and drinks if your student will be at New Doors during his/her regular feeding times!  We will have some drinks available for purchase.  There will also be certain days that we can offer lunches for purchase.

The New Doors group is a guest of this facility.  We want to leave this facility in better shape than we found it every day and throughout the year.  Students will be expected at a minimum to pick up and clean up after themselves.  Students will have the opportunity to serve in building maintenance with daily requirements (kitchen cleaning, emptying trash, moving chairs and tables, etc.) as well as weekly requirements (daily requirements plus vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, etc.) to care for the facility as well as long term service opportunities (painting, lawncare, etc.).

If your student misses a session, please let New Doors know ASAP about the absence (preferably before the absence).  If your student is exhibiting signs of a contagious illness, we will appreciate it very much if you keep the student home until he is no longer contagious.    Please email or call Mona Vollenweider at 678-773-7308 or the New Doors voicemail at (678) 801-6337 to let us know your student will not be in class.  Unless we know ahead, we will call to check in if a student is unexpectedly absent.  Individual instructors will also have their own expectations for class absences.

Weapons/Illegal substances
New Doors has a zero tolerance policy for weapons and illegal substances.  Any substances or weapons that are inappropriate will be confiscated and turned in to the proper authorities.  Parents will be notified.  Items such as pocket knives that students carry with parents’ consent will be checked when students sign in and returned when students sign out for the day.

Students may carry cell phones for emergency communication.  Cell phone use in sessions or study hall must have instructor permission or the phone will be confiscated by staff until the end of the day.  Electronic entertainment devices will be confiscated until the end of the day if students use them without instructor permission.  Laptop computers are to be used for study only.  Other usage will result in confiscation until the end of the day.  Individual MP3 players (non-cell phone) may be used in study hall as long as no one else can hear the music.  If an electronic device is confiscated for inappropriate use, a parent will need to retrieve the device at the end of the day.

If your student will need medication while he is a New Doors, parents need to notify New Doors prior to the medication being taken.  No students may share any medications.  Students who need medication should see the administrator.

In case of inclement weather, we will follow the announcement for Cherokee County school closings.

Student Driving
New Doors requires a parent to complete a driving form if a student will be driving to New Doors.  Our primary concern is for safety.  Observed reckless driving behavior will result in suspension of driving privileges.  It is the student’s responsibility to check in with parents at arrival and departure.

We will contact the first person on your emergency contact list immediately if there is a medical concern.  If there is a more serious situation, we will call 911 and then we will contact your emergency contact person.

Dress Code
Studies show that students who dress for success take their studies more seriously and learn more effectively.  Jesus loves you just the way you are, but please keep in mind that you are representing your King.  We do understand that fashion is important; however we are gathering to learn.  If the clothing distracts from learning, we will address it.  We recommend business-casual, neat and modest clothing.  Modest clothing includes garments that are coverings for anything that would be a distraction for others.  Please keep undergarments underneath other garments.  Please keep middle sections covered.  Please keep armpits covered.  Please always wear footwear.  In all science classes, closed toe shoes are required.

We hope that many family friendships will develop and flourish this year.  Our focus is on learning and study, and we ask that each family assist us in fostering appropriate relationships during study time.  Flirtatious behavior or behavior that seeks to encourage an inappropriate relationship will be addressed.  Student relationship behavior at New Doors should edify all the participants at New Doors.  There is a time and a place for everything.

As the parent, you are ultimately responsible to decide what grade your student receives from you.  New Doors instructors will assess their portion of student performance and you will receive a report via Engrade with the recommended grade.


Each instructor will outline their expectations for class grades.  Please pay attention to the syllabus your student receives in each class.  This is an invaluable tool for planning with your student.  Students are responsible for work that is assigned on their syllabus for each class.


Grading scale


A   90 – 100                B  80 – 89              C   70 – 79                D   60 – 69            F    below 60
Parents will do some testing at home.  When students have a take home test it is vital that parents guard the integrity of the testing procedure.  If you have access to an answer key, keep it in your personal possession.  If a student looks at the key, we have lost the real value of the test which is to measure learning.  Follow the instructor’s guidelines for testing carefully.


Some tests will take place in the classroom.  It is part of the learning process to develop the ability to take a test in a group setting and under time constraints.

We urge you to become familiar with the syllabus for each class at the start of the year.  The syllabus will list what your student needs to do to be prepared for each session.  We urge you to keep up with assignments all year as they appear on the syllabus for each course.  Please know that it is the student’s and parent’s responsibility to understand the syllabus for each class.  If you have questions, clarify the assignments with the instructors.

Late Work
Each course will use a syllabus to communicate when work is due and what study expectations are for each session.  The assignments are given out months ahead so that your family can plan and your student can be prepared for study sessions.  If work is one session late, this is equivalent to a week late.  The student will struggle to get caught up.  We are seeking to discourage this lateness with assignments by a policy of taking off a percentage for late work.  Work turned in later than the assigned due date will receive 10% off.  Work that is later than one week late will receive 50% off and work that is turned in 2 weeks late will not be accepted.
Any exceptions to this will be at the instructor’s and parent’s unanimous discretion.

Tuition and Fees
New Doors seeks to deal honorably with all parties involved in the instruction and education of our children.
Enrollment applies to the full study year August – May.  Parents accept responsibility to cover the full year of tuition for their student.  We have planned on courses with teachers who are planning on salaries for their instruction time.
If parents remove their student from New Doors, the parents are still financially responsible for the full year’s tuition.
Extenuating circumstances include your student being asked to discontinue studies at New Doors, moving prohibitively far from the New Doors location, extreme illness or loss of income that prohibits finishing the study year.

Tuition Payments
Tuition is broken into 9 monthly payments.  Payments are due by the 20th of each month August through April.  Late payments will result in a $25 late charge.

We will strive together to see that our speech to each other is polite, appropriate, respectful and honoring to our God.  Profanity and rudeness will be addressed whether in speech or in actions.

New Doors instructors are here to assist, coach, and mentor the students and parents.    Thank you for allowing New Doors Education Programs the honor of partnering with your families in the education of your students.

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